About Me:
My name is Jane, just an average chic that is obsessed with obsession. I'm a Korean-American born and raised in Virginia, USA. I went to Pratt Institute for undergrad, and studied Graphic Design with the class of 2010. I classify myself as a 1st class Geek and I throughly enjoy it :)

Things I love:
All forms of frozen dairy desserts, making homemade ice cream and froyo, Harry Potter,  DIY, cosplaying and dressing up, museum hopping, trying new and exotic foods, traveling, and historical romance novels!

Fun facts:
+After highschool, a friend and I backpacked across Europe for 1 month to 6 different countries in under $2500 USD (includes traveling expenses and hostel/hotel stays).
+I have charlie brown thumbs :)

I am always up for discussion as long as you're respectful to myself and others.
Please don't hesitate to contact me via email, twitter, or comment on my blog!