Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lets Fly...

Ugh! I've neglected my own passion because of laziness... long story so I'm not going to even start.
I'm trying to get back into the groove by making a vow to myself to create a piece of artwork everyday..
HA I am already a couple of days behind. None the less, I have found my muse and have begun working again!

Still there is no such thing as a perfect plan. Problem? I have reverted back to becoming the working night owl. Sleeping by day and working by night. You're probably thinking... why is that so bad? Well... I do have a 9-5 job so coming into work with only 3-4hr sleep is.. exhausting. Not good being a sour grape at work. Alas.. never ending problems.

Anyway, here's the latest I'm working on. In the spirit of the holidays I've decided to create themed cards for festivities in a persons life. These include: birthdays, holidays, graduation, etc...

This is what I have for my first card. To be completely honest, I was going to make a "It's a Baby Boy!" card because one of my co-workers just had the most adorable baby name Jude and I wanted to make her a card.. but it's starting to look more like a birthday card.. We'll see how it turns out in the end.

detail shot of the bird:

I'll be posting the finished piece soon. (Hopefully..)


Burp and Slurp~! said...

So that's why you're still awake late at night! HAha, but at least you got your muse back...I love the bird! Simple strokes and brushes, but so...intricate and elegant.

Jane Yoo said...

hahah my muse comes and goes… wish there were more hours in the day.