Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Droid is on Instagram now. That'll make things either more complex or spice it up.

Seriously though. The iPhone apps are amazing...
I created this all on my iPhone!

I feel a little ashamed that this is my first post in almost a year.. but whatever gets you motivated right?! Im really thankful for instagram because it creates another platform for designers to be discovered and share your world. There really are so many talented people in this world.. (I get a little jealous sometimes). Sitting 5 days a week in my office cubicle, I honestly feel that my creativity is being sucked away. I'm not doing all my hopes and dreams where I am currently employed and I certainly haven't really helped the situation by just gripping and moaning without really doing much about it. So using instagram is like a little breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, it's beginning to get cluttered with pretty crappy images as well as some stolen ones.. but I guess thats what people do.

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Carolina said...

you have such a lovely blog <3

Jane Yoo said...

Thank you so much Carolina :)

rox said...

hey you. you and i have such a hard time keeping up with our blogs. lol.