Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh Yoo Yoo and Yoo....

So if you google Jane Yoo, there are ALOT of us. In particular, there is a bag designer named Jane Yoo and her line is called Jane Yoo Leather Handbags or Jane Yoo Wearable Art. She doesn't have a real website that I know of or contact information about her so when her customers have an issue or a question... they find my website and email me instead. Some even send me very lengthy emails about how they love the bags, or how much their mother/grandmother/daughter love the bags etc and would love to have them repaired. I feel really bad just not answering them so, of course, I email them back.

It really wouldn't be a problem, expect that I get emails for her about.. 2-5 times a month. I have no way of contacting her myself so I have to tell these women that I can not assist them.. ugh. I think thats quite a lot, if I had costumers that had questions or w/e I would want to have them be able to contact me and/or my department. if you calculate, it's about 60 people a year.

Anyway.. I just wanted to rant a bit and perhaps deter anyone else from emailing me about her bags if, bychance, they read this first.

Do you have any issues with someone who has your name?

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